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Personal Retention Lanyard

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Marke: Warrior

Normaler Preis SFr. 57.90

Warrior Assault Systems Personal Retention Lanyard has an overall length of 84cm (33") including FROG clip and will expand to 117cm (46") inclusive of clip. Ideal for use on maritime operations and helicopter ops. The FROG attachment clamp is simple to use and can be released using just one hand. The FROG clip is manufactured from high grade aluminum and is tested to 25 kilo Newtons (5,622 Pounds).
FROG clamp has self closing snap on contact with anchor point. Duel release speed clips for additional safety. Manufactured using imported US Mil spec tubular nylon, high quality bungee cord, high quality US Mil spec threads.
Safety Notice: Please test this product prior to use.
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