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KNG Open Top Holster für Glock 19 Paddle

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Marke: Frontline

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Kydex® New Generation (KNG) is an advanced multi-layer material developed by Front Line for tactical, duty, and carry holsters. Utilizing years of experience in building New Generation products, Front Line developed KNG as the ultimate material for modern holster construction.

KNG holsters combine the rugged strength and tactical advantages of Kydex® with the unsurpassed fit and protection of the New Generation materials. The outer Kydex layer is attractively textured and stitched for a classic leather look. The layer of durable nylon cloth strengthens the Kydex® and protects it from breaking if the piton is pulled from the side. The inner layers are molded perfectly to the shape of the pistol and provide cushion against impacts. The inner layer of waterproof and wearproof velvet protects the finish of the pistol against holster wear and allows smooth, quiet draws and re-holstering.

The KNG Open Top Holster isn't equipped with a security mechanism, extremely fast access to the pistol is therefore possible.

The paddle is connected to the holster by two screws, offering you the option to change the carrying angle according to your needs. Thanks to the 6 holes this paddle offers, you are able to adjust your holster in different cant angles to forward & backward - from vertical carrying to cross draw position. With this paddle, your holster is stable and steady: The bottom of the paddle is rugged to keep the holster in place, the two jags hold it on your belt and the "window" enables you to insert your belt via your pants loop into this window while carrying the paddle holster outside your pants. Whether you choose to carry the paddle in your pants or outside – you get the best possible options for carrying your paddle holster.

Suitable for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 36, 38
Die Hartschalenholster in dieser Kategorie wurden für Schusswaffen gebaut und passen perfekt zu den jeweiligen Modellen. Wir bitten um Beachtung, dass die Dimensionen von Airsoftwaffen oftmals von denjenigen des Originals abweichen und deswegen nicht in ein entsprechendes Hartschalenholster passen. In manchen Fällen können die Holster entsprechend modifiziert werden. Nylonholster sind grundsätzlich sehr universal einsetzbar.
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